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What Our Customers Say

“The Park Agencies has been a great agency to work with!”

Amie C.

“I have always gotten immediate assistance when we called for anything!”

Angela A.

“The Park Agencies provide great customer service!”

Ethan J.

“I am very happy with The Park Agencies. I am a long-term customer and have never had any problems. I use them for my home and cars. The staff at The Park Agencies are very nice!”

Janet M.

“You guys do a fine job and that is why we've been customers for over 30 years!”

Jeffrey T.

“Jason Park is an award winning, highly respected agency owner within the Insurance community. He has shown a strong commitment to his clients by providing true value through exceptional customer service, with a wide range of products and services. Jason can be your trusted advisor.”

John L.

“Always super friendly, helpful and experienced in all areas concerning your insurance needs! I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a trustworthy insurance company.”

Linda F.

“My daughter locked herself out of her car and called the service you provided and was assisted in a timely manner. They offered to stay on the phone with her so she would be safe. I would definitely recommend The Park Agencies to any of my friends”

Maria M.

“Every time I need anything you are helpful. I really appreciate it very much”

Melissa E.

“Very friendly, and they got the best rate they could. Also, very good at communicating in a timely manner. All in all, really happy to have them as my agents.”

Nicholas A.