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Showing Care and Compassion to the Homeless

The mission of Project Uplift is to deliver the basic human needs of those who are homeless and need in of care and compassion from their community during these trying times. The organization realizes that every life is valuable and those living in poverty need assistance and support that they may not receive from other organizations.

Project Uplift is a homeless outreach program that survives off of community donations and the personal commitment of those in the community who are driven to care for those who are homeless. The organization collects items such as hygiene items, canned food, seasonal clothing and basic necessities like water, blankets, sleeping bags and more. Project Uplift also assists vets, aiding pets and children although they dedicate a lot of their efforts to supporting the homeless.

Join us in our efforts to raise funds to support and care for the homeless in our local community with Project Uplift.

Getting involved has never been so simple, or Free!

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