Transportation For Adults With Developmental Disabilities

Heartstrings Community Foundation® in Overland, KS assists adults with developmental disabilities who want to live meaningful, productive and independent lives through employment in the business community. 


Individuals that participate in HCF’s Employment Services are working in the community 95% of their day and are paid sales commission.


They face many struggles and a significant road block to employment is lack of transportation.


All Heartstrings® employees are transported to and from their jobs and activities in mini-vans. The vans are aging and require many repairs.


Let's raise $600 for a set of new tires!

Park Agencies is proud to donate $10 on your behalf for every friend you recommend to our agency for a no obligation quote.

Just click here!

 Otherwise, help our developmentally disabled community members by donating directly on the Heartstrings Community Foundation website:

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