Empowering Individuals; Ending Homelessness

Mt. Carmel Redevelopment has managed the Wilhelmina Gill Service Center since 2002. Willa Gill Center provides Strengths-Based Case Management, which provides personalized support to assist homeless persons accomplish their goals and reduce homelessness.

The center provides a telephone voice mail center for homeless and/or phone less persons of Wyandotte County, giving them increased access to employers, potential employers, family and agencies to conduct positive business. They also offer Mail slot service for homeless clients, allowing them to secure critical community services coupled with client interviews to determine needs and resources.





We are raising funds to support the organization continue assisting homeless persons desiring to make a lifestyle change and crisis intervention.


We would also love to donate to this great cause on your behalf...


 Just recommend friends and family to our agency for a quote on any insurance policy!



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